Laska Nerysoo

Laska Nerysoo

Designs by Laska gives Laska the exact outlet to express her passion for Indigenous art. Being a Nihtat Gwich'in, Laska was raised in between Inuvik and Aklavik. Laska also lived in BC and the Yukon for a number of years to pursue her Esthetician dreams, but soon found herself at home back in the North.


Now, a mother of two wonderfully energetic boys. Creating cute home-felt crafts stems from her mother's craft room that she had while I was growing up. Living in a small community you quickly learn who is striving to become an entrepreneur and it excites Laska to see people give it their all and take that jump. Laska understands the struggle it is to trust yourself to express the best parts of life and she likes to highlight those moments where you can hang a piece of art that brings you right back to that feeling of a new baby in the family, your child's graduation, marrying your best friend, or cheering up a girlfriend who may have needed a push to get through their obstacles. Each piece Laska creates is a collaboration with her clients who have an idea that just hasn't reached its physical form yet.


Laska loves to create and learn new skills as every piece has its own silent challenges yet beautiful outcomes. She would like to thank every person that has acknowledged my small business as they have helped shape her success. Laska says that it is time for Indigenous artists to break down every wall that has been put in our path and be proud of who we are.


Mahsi Cho.


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